Friday, November 6, 2009

City of God. True Story

They don't make movies like this every day of the week. Its a heady mix of poverty, desperation and a little bit of bad luck. Its boys gone wild... confused teenagers dealing with life way beyond there maturity level with such amazing cinematography my jaw rested firmly on the ground for the duration of this sub titled piece of brilliance.

Set in 1970's in Rio De Janiero amongst the ram shackle housing projects Cidade De Deus (City of God) its a intense film, told through the eyes of Buscape`, a boy who is too scared to become a outlaw and too smart to settle into what's expected of him in life. nothing.

He is by no means the central character to the film... more like a observer to the madness that is the life of drugs and crime that has consumed the community around him..... so its kind of handy his passion is taking photographs... After all the ultimate tool of any keen observer is a camera... and it just so happens this camera is his ticket out.

If you have not seen this movie drop what your doing right now, get up, walk swiftly to the nearest video store and contribute to the declining economy by purchasing this here dvd.

If you have watched it, well, watch it again, its awesome as shit!


  1. What makes this movie even more amazing is the fact that it was based on a true story!!

  2. Wrong sorry but God isn't true he is a fake remember the saying of nothing is impossible well what about defeating god now what. So are scientists wrong about that sentence or are you wrong about God.

  3. This movie is awesome. I have watched it over ten times. It is in my top five favorite movies. I am not even a fan of foreign movies.