Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hey You! Say Cheese cops another blow.

As you all know back in march I started leaving cameras tied to telegraph poles and park benches with little note, above, asking random passers by to have a little fun and take some photos. I wrote clear as day at the bottom of this note "as the owner of this camera will be back later to pick me up i guess this project is a little test in human decency too" I thought SURELY no one would steal one of my cameras after that, I mean who wants to be the human that destroys someones faith in human decency?

Well apparently someone was up for the job because last week I had my first camera stolen from a telegraph pole on The Esplanade in South Cronulla, NSW. I blogged about this disappointing turn of events here and came to the conclusion i was not going to let the man get me down, I was going to tie another came to the same telegraph pole thus restoring my faith in human decency...

But alas this was not to be as yesterday evening, after leaving the camera tied to that same pole on the beach for all but 4 hours i came back to find it gone... AGAIN! at least they didn't steal my sign this time but COME ON! PEOPLE! what is up with all the stealing?

I'm heading out now to tie a 3rd camera up, but am thinking i might move one telegraph pole to the south as lets just face it this telegraph pole is bad luck!

Oh and to the human/s that stole my first two cameras.. Enjoy eternity in hell :)


  1. I'm so bummed that another camera got taken :( Third time's a charm? I hope so =)

  2. Megan! Success! The third camera was not stolen (yay for human decency) I should have the results back tomorrow :)

  3. Awesome to hear Sophie!
    I hope the decent strangers have left you with some creative and interesting shots. Can't wait to see =) Megan

  4. I love your ideas! If I lived in Sth Cronulla (or anywhere in the general vicinity actually) I would be popping along looking for your cameras to try and be a part of as many of these projects as possible.

    Keep it coming lady!

  5. hey, ive stumbled upon your camera today, and realised, i seem to have copied you by accident. ive been taping cameras to trees at manly beach sydney for four weeks now. every sunday, i go down and tie on up. it originally started as a social decency kind of thing for my photography class assignment (im in year 9). so yeah, i just wanted to lt you know. although, i like your sign much better! i should do something like that instead. but unfortunatly, today, my camera was stolen. i was really peeved, but, ohh well, better luck next week.
    i love what your doing