Monday, November 9, 2009

Welcome to the family Sir Cool Cam

Well the name just says it all dont it... This cameras oozes 80's cool and im happy to say i have finally added a cool cam to my collection... I'm telling you people if you are in Australia buying Polaroids from the US is a heck of a lot cheaper... You know the age old mass quanity + minor demand = cheaper polaroid products for all type deal! Although after this post I am no doubt creating a little healthy bidding cmpetition for myself!

So here in Oz the demand for Polaroid is quite huge and the selection somewhat limited, you could prob pick up a working cool cam for around AU$90+ (trust me after many failed attempts at trying to score myself one I know) and with film peaking at a whopping AU$36.95 for a single pack your looking at over $100 and well, that just starts to hurt a little doesnt it... your wallet gets all sad and your bank account feels empty and shit just starts to get depressing....

SO when I figured out that for a a mere AU$60 I could not only purchase a cool cam (that came with a complimentary pack of film) but also get the camera shipped here from god knows where in the US I was pretty gosh darn pleased with myself.

Sir Cool Cam is now sitting on my shelf next to my Taz the Looney Tune Special edition 600 Polaroid just waiting for next weekend to be taken out to play :)

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  1. may i know what is the website u bought ur cam?