Thursday, November 5, 2009

Botany Botany

So i know a guy (Matt) who knows a guy (Christian) who writes a blog (Sea & its Horses)

The guy that writes this blog seems to be somewhat of a different soul, he has taken some oddly beautiful yet beautifully odd Polaroids, combined some hi brow words with some lo fi lighting and POW! He's made himself somewhat of a floral essay... which Christian goes on to describe as " a 80 page multi-faceted essay which can simply be read at a artisan level or more deeply as a reflection of the reader"

If your thinking it all sounds a bit much your not alone but Christian goes on to say "The reader may find that any artistic, long-winded talk is a mere solecism for pot-pourri, and this is fine also" Mumbo jumbo aside the dude takes some pretty rad Polaroids and i highly recommend you check this ambitious little book out :)

You can check out a sample of his work above or read more at Sea & its Horse blog here. Enjoy!

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