Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Life through a plastic lens

Well isn't this a bloody good site! Square Frog is a pommy website dedicated to the fine art of photography, specifically for those who use a Holga, or as they say, choose to view life through a plastic lens!

This sites got everything and then some. Basic shooting tips, more information than you can shake a stick at when it comes to creative masking, multi exposures, developing film and pushing and pulling your images. There is a whole section dedicated to trouble shooting, and while us Holga users acknowledge running into troubles is half the fun, its nice to have a little bit of help.

Square frog is a wealth of information for those just getting started however I'm certain even the most experienced Holgographer (try saying that three times fast) would find some useful info here, If not a wealth of inspiration... as their flickr pool squarfrography has over 11,000 individual shots - that's a whole lot of Holga love!

The shot above was taken by a flickr devote who goes by the name faster you can view more of his work here

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