Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Polaroid Prints Photo Album

I'm telling you people its tough going trying to find a decent home for your Polaroids these days! They sell some pretty dodgy looking albums on eBay and if you can handle the 6 weeks they take to arrive from Singapore... currently I'm using the Bakelite and plastic containers that used to hold floppy disks (remember those) in the early 90's! Not the big square ones but the little square ones... you know.... they were basically what CDs were to vinyl. smaller but with much the same purpose.

This little plastic case of mine does the job nicely but Its no where near as pretty as the paper albums above! Yeah Yeah they only hold 10 Polaroids, but what a great gift idea... or way to keep miniature volumes of your Polaroid adventures!

They are designed and printed by a lass called Lindsey who was inspired by a little paper photo album she found at an antique store! Keen to get your mittens on some, she sells them through her Etsy store here


  1. I think they are so cute! And a good idea! :)

  2. where do you get them?
    whats the right term to search on web?
    "polaroid albums" no not work

  3. I spent a lot of time searching for polaroid albums too. You might want to try out the polaroid albums from MochiThings.com though. They shipped fast and ships within the US so you won't get any issues with the shipping--Mine came 4 days after I placed the order!

    To save people some time from searching, try these:

    Their Polaroid Classic album and their Mini Polaroid Album.

    Good luck everyone on trying to find a home for your polaroids! I hope that saves you some time and headaches from working with oversea sellers!