Friday, February 19, 2010

Everybody loves a lomo

I know I love my lomo, I love it so much I broke it, and when i say love i mean took it to Asia and let it bang around in my backpack so much the winding spool cracked and now it don't work so well.

Needless to say i was dizzy with envy when i received these shots above from fellow lomo nerd Matthew Kovacs who is currently traveling the world taking beautiful pictures! Stay tuned for a link to more of his amazing compositions. Man I'm jealous! I tell you the only thing keeping me sane is that will be me next year and ill be taking better care of my lomo this time, dont you worry about that!


  1. Oh My God I love your blog so much ! you are now in my top 5 must-visit blogs ! :)

  2. The band, The White Stripes, has come up with some custom lomo's and a photo contest for their latest album:

  3. IM in loveee, i love these, hey soph, check out my blllog, im only 16 the name Dylan. thanks :)