Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hey You! fancy taking a photo?

Im reposting this as I'd love to get some more people on board the Disposable bandwagon!

As you may of heard here, here and here, we are launching the disposable camera project Hey You Say Cheese on a national scale.... Full time work, p/t set dressing, daily blogging and running around tying cameras to tree's just doesn't keep me busy enough these days.

Short version to a long story is I want to send 8x disposable cameras around the world.... After that there may be more, but lets just see how this round goes first!

Each camera will be assigned a color (inspired by the Polaroid Rainbow stripe) and country to circulate and the only limitation will be to take a photo that is predominately your assigned color. Each participant is to have the camera for 72 hours and only has to take 1 photo before passing it on to the next person on the list.

The idea being by the end of it we'll have a massive rainbow mural of some amazing photos, and you would have lived a moment longer looking at life through a view finder.....take a second to stop and smell the roses ... hug a tree etc

Ive had loads of interest from random strangers and friends a like. If you're a photographer type or just creative type in general I figured If i asked nicely enough you would be keen to sign up to receive a camera or perhaps fwd the essence of this post on to other photographer type humans anywhere in the world that you think will be interested.

All anyone has to do is click right here after which you will be transported to my website where you'll find a rather large "email me here" button... trust me you cant miss it! All you have to say is a quick "I'm in" and you'll be added to the mailing list... too easy!

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