Friday, June 5, 2009

The Photo Trade

This my friends is a particularly rad initiative. It's a little something called The photo trade, and its well, just that, a group set up so artists like yourself can trade photographic works of art! You can sign up to participate here, The way it works is you get teamed up with another participant from anywhere in the world and your given a theme, this time its summer, its kind of like having a mini assignment - with out the pressure of being graded!

You have to include in your "summer"package a photo at least 5x5inches big, and the rest is up to you, make a mixed CD, write your partner a little note... anything... Its a fun way to exchange art (not get rid of photos you would other wise throw out), make new friends, meet random photographers and just interact with other creative's on a global scale. 

Jen Altman is the woman behind the project, she has her fingers dipped in many pies that one! Like any successful organisation there are rules though and you can read more about them here, or see past exchanges here.


  1. Hi -- just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog! Great pictures!

  2. thanks melissa! thats a bit nice of you :)