Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Vintage Camera Collection

It's recently occurred to me I have some serious issues.... no I'm not talking about commitment, my ability, or lack there of, to get anywhere on time, It's much more serious than that... I have"priority packing" issues. 

I was hanging at home last night in my spaceship PJ pants... as you do... finishing some washing and packing my backpack all excited about heading home to the beautiful mid north coast for the week, and even more excited about going to the Byron Bay Blues Festival for 5 days of fantastic music, new people, old friends and random photo opportunities as far as the eye could see.... 

I packed all the festival staples. Gumboots - check. Clean Undies - of course! Dry socks - several pairs. A few different outfits, 2 disposables cameras, 1 canon G9 digital, my Holga with various filters, a Pentax SLR AND my Taz Loony Tunes Polaroid.... It was around the G9 I came to the sudden realisation that it would be a cold day in hell before I would fit all of this in my bag.... and i was yet to pack  my Amigo 610!

I'm embarrassed to say with out giving it a second thought out went the weather appropriate outfits and my back up socks and there stayed the 6 camera's... a little less than practical I know... but I have every intention of using all 6, especially the two disposable cameras, which I shall be tying to telegraph poles along with this note for you the random public to take photos with and posting the results upon my return.

Happy almost Easter people.

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