Friday, April 24, 2009

Hey You! Say Cheese! Disposable camera 3

As you all know Ive been leaving disposable cameras in public places with this note. So far I've left cameras in Cronulla and Byron Bay - I've also had one tied to my front door for the past two months, placed there for anyone who happens by to visit me to take a photo before they knock!

Ive had people from all walks of life visit these past two months, my little niece ruby, good friends, old friends, new friends (Hi there Mr Vos) not to mention a rather disgruntled Energy Australia worker during a 2am black out... needless to say I was really looking fwd to getting these shots back....

You can imagine my disappointment when I picked up the negatives only to find that, during a freak "camera tied to door by bit of string and crushed when accidently slammed" incident I lost all but 3 of the photos from exposure to light, and the three that survived, survived barely...

Not one to be deterred I'm climbing back on the metaphorical horse and will be tying another camera to my front door first thing tomorrow morning... this one will be wrapped in bubble wrap!

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