Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Stranger Photos have happend" - Cronulla

A oldie post but a goodie! more soon from hey you say cheese!

Don't you love it when your faith in humanity is restored when you very least expect it? All it takes is for a random stranger to smile or say a kind word... not that my faith in humanity was shot to sh*t or anything dramatic like that - all though I do think the world would be a better place if we smiled at strangers more, got together for milk and cookies in the afternoon before laying down for a little nap, kindergarten style.... but that's another story.

Yesterday I posted about the Aussie version of Stranger Photos Have Happened and while I was excited people were taking a keen interest in the project... In the 30 minutes I observed from afar I noted how self conscious some people were. Seems that was some what of a rash generalisation and I some what misjudged you human race... and for that, I apologise.

I went for a run yesterday evening planning upon my return at about 8pm to swing buy and check the camera, thinking after what I observed earlier that day I may need to leave it out for another 24 hours... As I was checking the camera a man in his mid 40's was running by and said

"your out of luck love, its out of photos - I tried to take one before. Great idea though isn't it"
I just smiled and we quickly went our separate ways, but I beg to differ with you kind stranger... I appear to be quite in luck, not out of it as all 27 shots on the camera were taken.

I pick up the film today so stay tuned people x

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  1. i miss running along the esplanade! is that where you were? nice blog - blogette :) Xx