Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Woodchopper By Cry Bloxsome

I'm reading this book at the moment called The Wood chopper by a fella called Cry Bloxsome. Its weird and a little wacky, but also a little bit wonderful too, Its about a fella called Ziggy, who's brother, Hero, was the captain of the west coast eagles, and in the first 10 pages, drowns off the coast of Perth. The bigger picture is a little more sinister and is filled with conspiracy theories, the study of synchronicity and serendipity and all the rest...

But that's not my point...

My point is its got these sporadic insights into life that just jump off the page and punch you right in the fucking face. Here's a extract just to get you hooked.

"Ziggy was visiting Hero's old girlfriend, he put his instant-coffee mug down on the TV guide. The decor of the suburban home mildly disturbed him., their high school had only ever given lectures on peer pressure in relation to smoking and fucking, it never warned anyone that their peers would convince them to become miserable shit coloured drones with the same dreams, obsessions and taste in interior furnishings"

I couldn't agree more. Live everyday how you want to not how your supposed to.

You can read more of Cry's work, and purchase his independently published books if you click here.... actually no, just to mix things up a bit click here instead.

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