Thursday, February 5, 2009

Interesting Read. Interesting human.

The new year. A time to party right? Bolting from one Chrissy drink to the next, double, triple, quadruple booking yourself in on Saturdays to various family functions and backyard bbq's... generally running yourself ragged. 

Then you think for a second what if you didn't

What if you took yourself out of the game for two weeks, I'm not just talking switching off your mobile phone and cutting back on the coronas, I'm talking disappearing into the wilderness, letting the world swallow you whole, just to find yourself again, when you wernt even really sure you needed finding in the first place?

Johnny Abegg did just that - a "social experiment" if you will, to see, among other things, how he reacted to being alone... Click here to expand your mind and find out more.

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