Friday, February 13, 2009

Bush fires rage through Victoria, Australia

You look at photos such as the one above and you think. Shit. Natures harsh isn't she! - or something to that effect...but I'm sad to say I don't think nature  did this... The word currently being kicked about on the mea streets of Melbourne is Arson... Arseholes more like it, they got the first three letters right ill give them that.

You'll have to excuse me for swearing like a sailor, but given my mum lives in between the two biggest fires that are currently burning across Victoria, and knowing just how fast a fire can travel and having seen one jump the Hume Highway as a kid I'm kind of pissed off that some idiot thought this was a good idea... Who in there right mind gets there kicks from dropping a match on the whole thing? and when i say the whole thing i mean the great state of Victoria. 

Homes were lost, lives wore lost, or at the very least, changed forever... and for what? some cheap thrills? I'm getting all teary watching the news coverage every night from the safety of my lounge room, i can only imagine what the man behind the lense of these photos was thinking..... a tough day at the office indeed.

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  1. heavy times soph, for my two cents i dont think arsonists aren't in any kind of right mind theyre tweaked out people bereft of empathy...its hard to hate the insane
    p.s ive been using ilford b&w 120 usually 400iso, what about you?