Monday, April 6, 2009

Holga Love

I got a Holga for Christmas which I of course love... how could you not with the vast array of filters and colour gels that come with it these days! It takes 120 film but last weekend I decided to jam two pieces of foam and a roll of 35mm film into the back to see how it went... very high tech of me I know... 

Apparently, due to the structure of the Holga the image is printed on the entire negative, or in this case positive as I used slide film and got it cross processed in C-41 the chemical used to develop negative film... which for those not in the know, really saturates and bleeds your colours! I get them film back this afternoon so stay tuned for the results!

The shot above was taken with my Canon G9. a 12 mega pixel digital camera.

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  1. howdy!
    i was wondering if you ever use 120 film with your holga? if so, where can you get it developed fairly cheap?
    love the blog!