Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Polaroid SX70... Welcome to the Family

I've been collecting vintage cameras for almost 10 years now... I found my first one, a Eastman Kodak, on the side of the road in a council clean up pile and just couldn't believe someone could so carelessly throw out such a beautiful piece of equipment...

Ive blogged about my collection before and gotten all excited about my new Special Edition Polaroids, but somehow, for no obvious reason a SX-70 has long been lacking from my collection, I know the film is obsolete or ridiculously expensive if its not... but I just had to have one... well two actually!

Some lovely soul from Melbourne was parting with all three of these bad boys on eBay and I scored them for a pretty sweet deal, approx 15 bucks a camera... Now if only I could find film that cheap!


  1. Hey Soph! I'm pretty sure you can use regular 600 film with these with a few adjustments. Good buy! xx

  2. really! oohhh I'll have to look into that! thanks dude x