Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A disposable kind of love

For the love of god! Finally someone with the same penchant for disposable cameras as I have! I'm telling you people in 10 years time they will be the new Polaroid so jump on this bandwagon now while there is still truck loads available... and remember you heard it here first. You just can't beat the grain, saturation, random lighting effects and pure awesomeness that spew forth from these tiny disposable little boxes... and i dare anyone to prove me wrong!

Forever curious about new readers I stumbled across Laura's blog when she started following this blog, She carries a disposable camera where ever she goes and snaps up random moments before they pass here by, I mean come on people! If I had a nickel for every time i stumbled across a room full of monkey masks or a sink full of amputated dolls legs and WISHED I'd had a camera on me I'd be a rich lady!

Check out more of Lauren's work here, she also makes a pretty cool little limited edition awesome as shit zine called okay - you can read more about that here! Soak it up my friends.... but if this isnt enough to quench your disposable thirst then click here to be taken to my disposable gallery! woo!


  1. your blog is cool, shophie! cheers!

  2. thank you love!
    so happy to find your blog.
    maybe i can send you a copy of okay?
    if you want one just email me a postal address!