Friday, July 17, 2009

The disposable camera bandwagon

We all know Ive long been aboard the disposable camera bandwagon, I tie them to telegraph poles and leave notes for perfect strangers to have a little fun and I'll be back later to pick them up! Its a nice little way to remind people of the joys of film (you can view the results here) and its a sneaky little test in human decency too - Will some fucker steal my camera? Thus far no!

Every now and then I come across another soul aboard this disposable camera bandwagon I speak of, first there was the Anonymous Photo Project, Then I heard about a crafty little lady called Laura and her Disposable camera blog and now (in fact thanks to Laura) I've stumbled across another disposable spirit in the name of The Disposable memory Project, These guys leave cameras bloody everywhere and you can track via google maps just how far the camera travels, some have made it across various oceans and continents while others have just made it around the block, regardless of the distance traveled these shots come up trumps time after time.

Provided the participants follow the rules and report back to the site on who finds what camera, where they left it to be found by the next lucky soul etc the results eventually wind up posted here on their website.

Check out the shots above and get clicking to find out more!


  1. just so you know im pretty sure someone at monster children is stalking you and they may be going to kill you.
    every single fucking thing get reposted thee.

    be afraid

  2. thanks for the heads up weird stranger. I post there actually :) grab the latest issue and read more xx

  3. I'm not quiet sure how i stumbled across your work, mostly likely bounced off a link from my boys 'iamnone'. I've been following your creativity for a while and love it! just can't believe you left a camera about 200m down the road from my house in vincentia! haha

  4. Hey Ian... haha - small world. iamnones very on big dav is one of my favorite really tall people in the world. Vincentia is a cool little town... It was my first time there we stayed in a house one back from excellent street! stay tuned for more cameras soon and thanks for following dude x