Monday, July 13, 2009

You're gonna love this..

You've read here before about Polaroid Collections, Polaroid jewellery and even a 4 year old called Addie with her own Polaroid blog and now I'm here to tell you about Polaroid note cards. A pack of 20 cards with some damn fine looking Polaroids printed on the front. Click here to Place a order... a bit to girly for you? Suck it up and order some for your mum!


  1. i love your blog i think it's really awesome. i love the disposable camera idea. i went onto the site and gave them my email so hopefully i can set up a few and get some of my friends involved :)
    where abouts do you buy film for polaroid? i've got a holga but i'd really like to get a polaroid so i've been looking around on ebay except some of them go way back so i don't even know if they have film. i'll go have a look at a few camera stores and ask around.

    check out my blog and tell me what you think! (if you have time)
    i picked four of my favourite pictures out of the first roll of film i've ever shot in my life

  2. HI George! aww thanks! ebay is your best bet, get a old 600 or a EE66 as fuji makes film for the later and wont be stopping anytime soon!

    Ill be sure to check out your pics!
    soph x