Saturday, July 25, 2009

Photography...a form of meditation

There are a lot of cool photographers out there. Ryan Tatar, The Polaroid Kid, Jen Gotch... Just to name a few... and there are a lot of cool Photographic projects to go along with them like 365 days, The Anonymous Photo Project, and of course my very own Hey You! Say Cheese!

But Susannah Conway and her Unravelling e-courses really caught my eye. Here we have a well educated photographer and journalist who had a job at a National paper as Fashion editor. A job where her life was centred around appearance and style...She says she always new something was missing but when her partner died in 2005 she went looking for it.

Looking (and appreciating) life through a lens was a form of meditation for her, a grieving process so successful she developed into a course... Sounds a little crazy ya? But its such a beautiful project really, you can participate on any level you like and its simply about finding more about you.... Susannah says:

"The Unravelling e-courses are designed to help you heal the way you see your self and your world, using photography and journalling to access hidden thoughts and dreams, encouraging personal realisations and ultimately acceptance."

To date she has had participants from 25 countries around the world, pretty impressive statistics if you ask me, she also keeps a blog of her own journey here.

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  1. Susannah is one of the coolest people I have ever 'met' online and she is totally inspirational.