Friday, July 10, 2009

Trend vs Individuality

The photo above got me thinking and to mulling over a few choice phrases... "In Vogue" and "On Trend" and it dawned on me that a trend is essentially everyone else saying something else is OK by societies standards... That we like this and you should like it to... It's a bit of a sad thought isn't it.

I live in a part of the world dominated by a lot of super lovely coastal people but also a part of the world where, if Cosmopolitan Magazine has red pumps and black leggings teamed with your boyfriends tee sprawled across its fashion pages then you can bet your bottom dollar that, in the same month every single teen and twenty something you pass on the street will be wearing that very same outfit.... Has the world gone mad? When did trend become a positive word? If you ask me Its waging war against individuality.....

Individuality... something the 5 souls above have in spades... check em out, all uniquely different not giving a damn... hamming it up.... joking around and focusing there energy on just being - not being on trend. The fact that it was taken on kodak Gold 400 and cross processed in C-41 just makes it all the more better!

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