Thursday, July 30, 2009

Note to self: buy scanner...

So Ive been posting a lot about other photographers lately and have been struggling to post my own stuff. Why you ask? Well the short story is I resigned from my post at Sunday Life Magazine where I had mellow days and plenty of time to make good use of the scanner conveniently located next to my desk.... I'm not quite sure how it happened, but I now find myself to be the art director of a national weekly magazine where I don't have time to whistle Dixie and there isn't a scanner in sight!

Its with this in mind I say thank god for Ryan Tater, I came home this evening, fresh from my weekly deadline (and when i say fresh i mean so ruined I could barley summon the coordination to fit my key in the door) to find a email from the lovely Ryan, whom I've never met, telling me all about a one Mr Bill Pressly!

Who is Bill? Bill is some kind of American that makes surfboards high in the mountains for 6 months of the year. The other 6 months is spent in mainland Mexico...Seems like a pretty unique guy, his surfboards are all made by hand from start to finish... Its interesting souls and originality like that which inspires us to take photos.

Ryan shot the above with an old 1968 Nikonos II waterproof camera and crossed processed a roll of fuji provia 100 speed at a cheap 1hr place - They arnt perfect, but that's what makes them so beautiful. Enjoy.

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