Friday, July 3, 2009

Mypower. Your Power

I cant believe I haven't blogged about these dudes before. MyPower should of been the first thing that came to mind when I blogged about 365 days of greatfull as they did just this (took a Polaroid a day for a year if you are wondering what exactly "this" is)

But MyPower did some much more than take a photo a day for a year, 3 friends circumnavigated Australia on their bicycles! That's right you heard me, These dudes rode around the whole of Australia, 17805km, on there bikes for no other reason than to raise awareness for sustainable living and educate some primary school grommets while they were at it.

They learned, lived and loved through sweat, blood and tears for 12 months just for a cause, and now they have been nominated for a Banksia award ( For all you American readers that aren't quite sure what that is , The Banksia Awards is Australia's version of the Oscars, just replace movies with the environment and you are on the right track)

Please, No matter where you are in the world, in exchange for a virtual hug and some good karma coming your way, Click here to send a vote their way! Much thanks!

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