Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The art of a average day

I stumbled across this blog "Art of a average day" when its creator, whom we shall refer to as J started to follow this here blog. J made a commitment some 365 days ago to document the every day of her life, taking a photo a day and posting them here on her blog!

Yesterday J took her final photo! Congratulations j! Ive blogged about 365 day projects here and here and its always lovely to come across someone triumphant and frothing on life and the completion of their project! I particularly love this shot above, taken on the 364th day!


  1. Great photography blog! Loved the polaroid blog!

    *Tell me what you think of my blog!*

  2. hello, I found your blog looking for some tips for Polaroid EE 44, can you tell me which kind of film pack do you use? I just wasted a pack of FP 100c cutting it a bit and tried to fit in EE...


    Jamie Livingston did a Polaroid a Day for 18 years... you may find the power in this one.