Friday, December 4, 2009

Hey You! Day at the Park

Hey You! Say Cheese is a little photographic/social experiment I run where I tie cameras to trees, park benches and other random places and leave little notes for people. I tell them to take a photo, to have a little fun. You can read more about this project here on my website....

Recently I tied a camera up at a local music festival called Day at the park, It was bound to be a great day, the sun was shining the sky was blue, King tide were rocking the microphone along with the musical stylings of Mat McHugh and the Beautiful Girls... What better time and place to tie a camera up and let the people have some fun.

Out of every camera there is only ever 1 money shot, maybe 2 if your lucky, and i quickly learnt that those odds decrease somewhat when you tie the aforementioned camera up in a park full of drunk people.

The shots above were clear winners for me. Not only do i love the lens flare on that blue sky... the typography on the Hot Dog stand in the back ground just makes the photo... Its crazy how such a small part of a photos composition can have such a huge impact on its over all presence and effect.

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