Thursday, December 17, 2009

A delivery

There was a bit of excitement going down on Arthur ave this evening, I got home from a long day at work to find this on my door step. Its the second of 10 cameras to arrive home after 3 months of being passed around the world but complete strangers...

If this is the first you have heard of such madness allow me to quickly elaborate. Girl buys cameras. Girl posts a call out on her blog for random strangers from all over the world to sign up to receive a camera. Girl assigns a color and 12 people to each camera... cameras are put into circulation and stop for a little while with each person on the list. Once you have the camera you take two photos of something that's your designated color and pass it fwd. Its that sample.

4 months later and while I'm sad to report 1 camera has already gone missing at the hands of Australia post, 2 have made it back to me safe and sounds and the rest are, I'm assured, are on their way.... to read more about various Hey You! projects click here, here or here!


  1. hooray it made it! cant wait to see the happy snaps

  2. i know! the boxes are so worn and cool! i love it! x

  3. I feel like you missed a Boy in there.... It shoudl read
    Boy has crazy idea, after some brainstorming Boy passes all work over to Girl, Girl buys cameras etc.
    Awesome that they're starting to come in!

  4. when do we get to see some of the images?????