Saturday, May 1, 2010

The New face of Polaroid film...

According to this news article not only is Polaroid film back but Polaroid cameras too... seems like the marketing genius' over at the Polaroid plant finally figured out all was not last when it came to the fine art of instant photography... Although i feel obligated to remind you that these are the same idiots who hired lady gaga as the creative director of this once reputable brand... so who knows what will happen next!

The Polaroid 300 (pictured above) is the first new product to be released onto the market and is available now, not only is it half the numerical value of the beloved Polaroid 600 but its half the size too... I don't know about you but there is something decidedly un cool about this new design... perhaps the fact they are trying to be cool at all... surely they know Polaroid never set out to be cool it just was what it was.

Industrial design and a general sense of aesthetic aside the new prices are pretty bloody nifty. For US$89.95 you guy purchase yourself a camera and for US$9.95 you can add a 10 pack of film to that purchase... much more appealing than the 36.95 we are currently paying here in Australia for a 10 pack of 600!

So what do you guys think? do you love the new camera? do you hate it? do you think the 300 format was the best product to re launch first?


  1. Polaroid haven't brought out a new camera at all. They are nothing but a branding company now, shilling other people's products. The 300 camera is just a re-branded Fuji Instax Mini -- hardly innovative (they basically did the same thing a few years before they stopped all film production, back then it was called the Polaroid Mio). And it annoys me how they never, ever mention the Impossible Project in any of their press materials, even the ones which talk about their "1000" camera which uses 600 film, film which only TIP is producing.

    I kind of wish they would just let it die instead of tarnishing the good name of Polaroid!

  2. looks like a fuji instax camera

  3. i agree teresa they are dragging the good name of polaroid through the mud!

  4. completely agree with teresa
    It is an exact copy of the instax camera, they abandoned instant photography and now that they are back they could at least come up with something original :( makes me sad