Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good Morning America...

So Ive been getting all excited about world travels lately... sure I don't leave until sometime next year but the research part is fun for me. Its great to learn something new, educate myself on what I'm about to see, even though I know no book could ever prepare me for the experiences I have on the road I keep reading anyway... especially as it scares me to start saving.... saving more and saving fast!

Did you know it costs $34 for a campsite in the Florida Keys!!! And $75 bucks go to Disneyland!!! OK OK so I don't even want to do the later - although it would be cool to take a Polaroid of a life size mickey mouses feet... but that's another story. Point is America is expensive my friend (thank god for that dirt cheap 6 months I'll be spending in South America before i get there)

Above is a rough outline of the drive we'll be doing - I cant wait to take photos of kitch road side diners and baron landscapes...Been to America? (north, south or central) or happen to live their? I would to hear some great places to explore and take photos....

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