Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Twas his first roll of film...ever

OK so I like to follow the blogs of the kind people that follow this here blog and I Make Films by a lad called Gabe just happens to be one of those blogs... He has just made this post about shooting his first roll of film EVER... pretty crazy shit hey, judging by this statement and the fact that i remember when digital film hit the main stream when i was 16, circa 1998 I'm assuming Gabe here is in his early 20's just young enough for digital to be the norm when he got to camera buying age.

Gabe's post got me thinking back to my first roll of film ever? My first roll was probably some 35mm ilford B&W shot around the school yard for yr 8 art class, the details are hazy, but what i do remember clearly is my first photo I ever took. I was 9 years old and my mum was taking photos of my brother and i on our front porch when she asked me to take on of her and him, when the photos came back it was a beautiful photo three parts brick wall and only 1 part mother and brother - hahaha... I'm happy to report my aim has gotten a little better since then.

Would love to know what your first roll of film or photo was and while your pondering such great memories check out more of Gabe's photos above and here, pretty wonderful for his first roll!


  1. So glad you liked it,
    and gave you something to think about.
    yeah I'm 16 so there is plenty of time for me to keep getting better.

  2. Gabe's talent is amazing, what a wonderful first roll.
    What a great memory of your first shot Sophie.

    I remember thinking my parents old nikon camera was so magical and it was such a wonderful process to take the rolls in to get developed.
    My first camera of my own was a little black kodak I received, I think for my 11th birthday. I stuck winnie the pooh stickers on it and the first roll was full of the dog and my family.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane =)

  3. sounds awesome megan, i love that it was personalised with winnie the pooh stickers :) sounds like something i would of done as a kid too!

    Gabe your shots are amazing, looking fwd to seeing more! xx