Monday, May 24, 2010

Dont forget to buy film

I don't know about you but I am constantly forgetting to buy film, Its yet to sink in its not something you can just "pick up on the way" anymore....

Being born in 1982 I didn't completely grow up in the digital age... I remember when the Internet first came to our household and the look on mums face when she got her first mobile phone (and was wondering just what the hell to do with it) and I certainly remember being able to waltz into the local camera store, supermarket or chemist only to be greeted by a wall of film for your grubby little mittens to chose from.

Alas, my friends, those days are behind us. Now if you want film it's all about the premeditated purchase... You go online, find the specific roll or pack of film you are after, order it from god knows where (Australia, the UK or America) and wait patiently until it arrives... be sure to give yourself plenty of time too - There is nothing like the sheer panic of it being Friday and your 10 packs of Polaroid film have not arrived when you fly out to Cambodia on the Saturday!

I run this little disposable camera project called Hey You! Say Cheese and I needed a disposable camera on my way down the south coast a few weeks back only to have the 16 year old check out chick at Woolworth's laugh in my face at my request - So I ask what about film then, do you sell film? Needless to say more chuckles followed and I walked out empty handed.... the chemist down the road was not much better "we might have 1 or 2 rolls left on the back shelf but that's all we have"! Even the local camera store was a bitter disappointment (did you know they don't even sell film cameras anymore!!!!)

Rants aside I do have a point and that point is DON'T FORGET TO BUY FILM... consider this your friendly reminder for that wedding/birthday/road trip you have coming up. The Lomo Shop has 120 color slide film on sale now too so its a great time to buy, click here to make your purchase!


  1. I usually just buy expired film off Trade Me (ebay equivalent). You're in Australia right? If you don't like ebay, I'm pretty sure Australians can buy off Trade Me as well. Usually a fair few people offloading their old film. Some of it is new (and pro) stuff as well.

  2. cool! thanks for the hot tip T xx