Saturday, May 15, 2010

100,000 Self Portraits on a SX-70

David Lunhahl is artists whom over the last 14 years has taken over 100,000 self portraits on his SX-70 - Quite the undertaking wouldn't you agree?

For fourteen years, David, his camera and a revolving series of natural light, mirrors, stencils, and various other media have contributed to create a remarkably varied and provocative body of work.

But wait it gets better... His site is updated ONLY by his friends. Mr. Lundahl himself is "neither comfortable nor conversant with Internet technology. Instead, he hopes this site will lead viewers to contact him and perhaps even visit New Light Studios in person for a conversation" Sounds like a pretty awesome human being if you ask me!

Matthew Fluharty is the Editor of "The Art of the Rural" a website dedicated to "considering rural arts and culture in the 21st century" and he has written a wonderful article on Mr Lundahl recently, you can find it here on his site. Enjoy this little piece of America!