Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fuck Me!

Sorry for the curse words, but shit man It was the most fitting headline for this here post, Above is a screen grab from the place I get my Polaroid Film from, Just last Oct I was scoring triple packs of 600 Film for $75 bucks - at $25 a pack that was a pretty sweet deal. Then in January it went up to $34.95, sure that little rise (OK big rise, almost $10) stung, but not as much as logging on just now to find the price has gone up AGAIN to $39.95 for a single pack of 600 film!

Mother F people! That's $4.00 for every single polaroid we take! Any suggestions for a cheaper place post link a link below - If you dont have a cheaper option and you feel like you could cop the $40 a pack slap in the face the click here to make your purchase!


  1. Diamondss camera stores in Adelaide are selling sinlge packs for $37 but they are in the white boxes so I'm assuming they're desperate and have opened up their triple packs? Still, it's the best price I have found in a little while

  2. Tell me about it!!! But that's the thing... there IS no more stock once this is gone, so prices are just going to keep rising. Ridiculous.

    Did you see this? http://www.flickr.com/groups/polaroid_/discuss/72157623886324196/
    The website involved is doing the same to their 600 film stock.

  3. Have you tried this? http://shop.the-impossible-project.com/shop/film/600/fi_600_1_px600_ff

  4. Is there anywhere other than the Impossible website you can get the new B&W film from? Shipping to Sydney is $50 for one pack!!!! So $71 USD for one pack... even worse.