Sunday, April 11, 2010

Getting to know the new Polaroid film

So its fantastic that Polaroid film is back on the market,congrats again to the dudes at the impossible project... but dont be thinking you can just pick up where you left off with your new pack of SX-70... There are rules to be followed people.... and dont be thinking yeah yeah ill be carefull and go right ahead and ignore the below, be warned if you do your photos will not come out as you hoped.
  1. Sit down in your favorite chair in your favorite room at ROOM TEMPERATURE (17-24°C / 63-75°F)
  2. Put the PX 100 Film into your camera
  3. Put the lighten/darken wheel to MIDDLE SETTING
  4. Hold camera STABLE, especially at low light levels
  5. Make the first MAGIC SHOT
  6. (cover with your hand)
  7. Develop the picture UPSIDE DOWN FOR 60 - 90 SECONDS
  8. Take another deep breath, turn over, and inhale your FIRST PX 100 SHOT
There is a great indepth post on the new film here at Cheap Plastic Goodness, I highly recommend you all have a read. Photo above also by CPG.

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