Friday, April 16, 2010

Vintage Golden Half camera....

So i have a friend, lets call her bobo and like myself she has a penchant for vintage cameras. Seems when it comes to buying cameras we are both forever grappling with the concept of need Vs want... do we really need another vintage camera? NO! Do we really really want it? Yes... and I'm sorry, as in happy, to say that want usually trumps need.

Passion beats logic almost every time, and thank god it did for bobo on one such occasion not so long ago when she decided to purchase a dusty little 35mm camera only to find out later it was a half frame camera! How freakn fantastic is that! And here I am thinking that the golden half frame was some nifty new invention the Chinese whipped up to compete with the popularity of the lomo!

Half frames are amazing cameras, I have a Golden Half frame myself and its so small and light weight it travels with me everywhere I go.... but be warned people 36 exposures takes a lifetime to use as the half frame means you are getting 72 photos p/roll, its kind of a return to the good old days when Christmas, New Years and Easter holiday snaps would all be on the one roll of film and you'd have to wait until all the exposures were used up before you got a peek at your pictures....

Speaking of a peek, check out one (sorry two) of Bowen's frames above from a recent camping adventure we took down south!

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