Sunday, January 24, 2010

cambodia on my mind

I'm off to Antarctica tomorrow and I got to thinking about the last time I went travelling last year i spent a month cruising the mean streets of Asia and a little country called Cambodia... I remember being so amazed by the scenery, so lush and green, it was just totally different to what i expected and I'd bet my bottom dollar I'm going to be equally amazed tomorrow when I fly over the antarctic...

I'm looking fwd to taking some photos Ive packed my Pentax, my golden half camera and my canon G9, i think given the weather conditions and the fact I'm shooting from 2000ft in the air the digital will be my best bet (sigh) but ill be sure to click through a roll or two of slide film and keep my fingers crossed!

In the meantime I hope you enjoy the little slice of Cambodia above, this shot was taken on the road to Angkor tom on slide film cross processed, i just love the saturation and accidental motion in this picture.

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