Monday, January 4, 2010

Product of the week

The Colorsplash flash! How gosh darn cool is this thing, Specially designed by the Lomographic Society as the fiercest accessory for your Lomo but given its been designed with a standard hotshoe plug it will pretty much slip right on in to any old camera you have that is in desperate need of a flash.... You know... Cameras made before the arseholes and canon and Nikon and Pentax started making flash plugs to fit their brand of cameras only!

This bad boy has
several colored flash filters for selection and with an additional 9 filters so you can go crazy with a colored flash burst onto dreamy long exposures etc etc etc.... and unlike toys in the 80's it comes equipped with AA batteries. Woo! Log on to the Lomography store to check the Colorsplash madness out in more detail....

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