Sunday, January 10, 2010

Polaroid goes gaga

Really!?! Lady Gaga designing Polaroid products? Like going digital wasn't bad enough now they have bought on a 23 year old pop star "to help Polaroid appeal to a younger demographic after its technology was rendered obsolete by digital cameras offering a more effective form of instant photo gratification"

What a croc! If anything she should be putting her foot down and using her influence to get the message across that Polaroid technology is not ready to be "rendered obsolete" and we want nothing to do with your digital gratification.

Read the whole article here and get as sad as i am about the whole digital Polaroid thing...


  1. Oh sweet heavens! Really? Do marketers really think so little of us? DO they really think we care if Gaga uses Polaroid or not? Are we that shallow?


    Sorry they've done this to you, Soph!

  2. lovely to see someone is offended as i am, hehe! you tell em bec x

  3. I'm curious to see where she goes with it.