Saturday, January 16, 2010

PIC 1000

Last week I introduced you all to the new Polaroid PIC 1000 here, I don't know about you but I'm getting pretty excited about it / feel like vomiting in my mouth when i remember they have hired lady gaga as a creative director for the brand, bad business decisions aside (gaga and choosing to axe the film in the first place) I perhaps forgot to mention some of the newer qualities of this here Polaroid.

The new model has of course a flash, but the good people at Polaroid have also thrown in a self-timer and even red-eye reduction...And, thanks to the Impossible Project, it’ll work with Polaroid 1000 instant film... all sounds a bit snazzy don't it, stay tuned for pricing and distribution details closer to release!

How do you guys feel about the new additions of red eye reduction and self timer? does it ruin the natural beauty of a Polaroid or are you stoked these 21st century alterations have finally been made?


  1. The self-timer is an excellent addition. It is a feature of all the Polaroid cameras for Spectra / Image System film.

    I used this a great deal while doing self-portraits / self-as-subject work. The red-eye reduction is, I think, only a small addition to camera functionality.

    Do they have a tripod mount? I only have one camera that takes 600 film with the ability to mount the camera, while those that take Spectra / Image System film all do.

    Best, Sean.

  2. thanks sean. no word yet on a tripod mount, youd think with the self timer they would though...