Monday, January 4, 2010

The Observer hands out polaroids for a day

Wouldn't you know it... Newspapers are not useless after all, Last September, given the last of the Polaroid film had a month till expiration, The Observer in the UK gave eight of today's leading photographers a Polaroid camera for a day and asked them to capture their final instant images.... Pretty rad idea hey, especially given the caliber of photographers that were luck enough to score a camera.

Photographers include, but are not limited too Tom Hunter, The famous Lord Snowdon, and many many more including Mary McCartney who's freakn rad shots you can check out above, its of her sister Stella, you may of heard of her... she makes clothes or something! Mary goes on to say:

"I first took a picture of Stella like this 15 years ago. I love this thing she does where she puts her hands around her eyes and looks like an owl, so we decided to recreate it on my Polaroid Land camera. It's nice to capture striking shapes on Polaroid because you can't see detail. I shot one of Stella's first ad campaigns on Polaroid, with Kate Moss in a wicker chair. When I was a kid, digital photography wasn't around, but because my mum was a photographer we'd go on holiday and take Polaroids of the kids and get them to watch the image appearing before their eyes. We went through a phase of drawing on them, putting moustaches on. I love that Polaroid shots are one-offs. I can't quite accept that this is the end of Polaroid, that all of those beautiful cameras will be obsolete.'

To check out the other 8 amazing photographers and their very last Polaroids click here. Enjoy

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