Monday, January 4, 2010

Leave me here

This bloke ( a photographer as luck would have it) sounds like a rather interesting human/couch surfer. Check out his blog here or nifty work with a camera here... or if perhaps you would like to offer him your couch for a bed you can contact him here...

Like I said.... interestingly strange and strangely interesting


  1. hey. i just found your blog searching for disposable camera photo blos. i've been thinking a lot about disposable cameras lately, and i'm gonna send some to friends who live far and near. i might also start leaving em around caf├ęs and stuff here in copenhagen. thats kinda what you've been doing right? i like the idea of total anonymity of the people taking the pictures, so i don't want to meet them, so i think just leaving them around shops and cafes is best, with a little info of the project. but how the hell do i get them back? hm. well. thanks for the blog, keep it up! greetings from b.

  2. hey b, thanks for the comments dude! Disposable cameras are the bees knees! As far as getting the cameras back you leave out, you just have to rely on human decency. the one thing i can tel you is what ever method you choose spell it out nice and clear andmake it easy, perhaps just say on your note that you'll be back later to pick it up so please leave it where it is once your done.... good luck! would love to see some of your shots once you are done xx

  3. yeah, i'll definitely get a blog for them. but first of all i'm sending some to friends, I think I'm gonna manage at least one camera to every continent! and human decency, that can be a tough one, but I'll just leave em at places I know nice people hang out!