Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Toy camera handbook

Well isn't this just the bee's knees.... The clever chaps over at Toy Camera have produced somewhat of a users guide for lovers of a plastic lens.

The Toy camera Handbook is the result of the collaboration of 32 members of toycamera.com. Basically the Toy camera people noted through their forums that many a question remained queried by toy camera enthusiasts? So naturally they spent the next two years compiling and researching until in 2007 the hand book was ready to be released into the wild... and when i say wild i mean you, the consumer.

All profits from the Toy camera Handbook go toward making toycamera.com bigger and better – anything from paying for bandwidth to building bigger and better interactive functionality into the site..... Its nice to know your money is being well spent, I think people appreciate a bit of transparency these days

The final result is 112 high-quality pages in full-color, perfect bound awesomness. Click here to make a purchase!

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