Sunday, January 3, 2010


Wow... here is yet another fantastically wonderful film camera project doing the rounds of this here universe... Cameramail was started by, well... I don't know who as their website isn't exactly forthcoming with information but who ever it was, lets calls them BOB readily admits it wasn't a entirely original idea (but what is these days)

While working on a mail-art project for school, BOB came across a project that documented an impressive number of odd forms of correspondence between two addresses in upstate New York. One of the last experiments was a camera attached to a postcard and plastered with stamps. Taking a good idea and running with it, BOB began to mail cameras to various locations. The idea being that actual postal workers could take photos with the camera in addition to the people sending and receiving the camera, what a great little way to gain a different perspective on life and a general sneak peek into someone else's day to day!

See above for the actual camera that was emailed around and some of the results, BOB sent loads of cameras around the USA. You can check out more camera's here or click here to get some tips on how to start your own cameramail.... go on... have a little fun with it...

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