Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Taz" Polaroid - Welcome to the family my man

Six months ago I lost my job. The company went into liquidation. I found out when I was in the middle of Egypt, having blown every last cent I had on camel rides and some damn fine hash'ish I was less than impressed about the prospect of arriving home broke and somewhat jobless. 

Fast Fwd 6 months and I'd long ago given up any hope of seeing a cent that I was owed... I didnt even bother notifying the people responsible for battling for our hard earned cash that I'd moved house. 

Enter a random day off work, a chance meeting with a old co-worker who happened to mention our compensation cheques had been mailed out all but 2 days ago and me racing to my old house to sneak a peak in the new tenants letter box and low and behold my cheque was there... all red and yellow and pretty in its express post envelope and POW I could now afford a new (as in old) Polaroid... 

Enter "Taz" the Special Edition Polaroid from the good people at Looney Tunes, I have not been able to turn up an iota info on why exactly the little tazzie devil that could was selected above all the Looney Tunes characters to be turned into a special edition Polaroid, all i know is he hit stores a little over 10 years ago... If anyone has any info I'd love to hear about it. 


  1. Yay! I'm buying a new scooter with mine :)


  2. That's awesome! How lucky to run into your old co-worker, otherwise there would be no Taz! Nice one!