Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When cross processing goes bad...

There is always a risk with cross processing... the trick is in the developing of the film not the photos... If you leave it to cook for too long your film will almost always come out red... That's what happened to the roll above and in the worst possible way to! I was so sad when i got the photos back as there were so many vibrant colors to be captured at our friends engagement party...

Serves me right for being impatient and just taking them to the Kodak store up the road instead of a skilled photography lab (there is only one in Sydney that I know of - Platinum imaging on Oxford street) Lesson learned, next time I will be making the two hour return trip to the city to get them developed properly!

In the mean time I'm tossing up whether to embrace the redness as a beautiful quirk or make them black and white and forget the whole sad and sorry incident ever took place...


  1. Personally, I like the red. Have you tried scanning the film vs scanning the prints? Maybe try desaturating the reds/yellows a bit.

  2. I'd say embrace the faults. It's life! I always used to shoot Kodak EPN film then put it through C-41 pushed half a stop. It's a more robust tran film than most of th others on the market.

  3. you could also try Photoking in Randwick, they're excellent!

  4. I really rate Vision Imagelab in Waterloo. They sell heaps of film as well. I don't go anywhere else anymore, they really take care of your film!