Monday, June 28, 2010

hey you wall space

I blogged last week about this project coming to a end... Once I get these photos back (216 photos taken by 96 perfect strangers) the possibilities when it comes to the presentation of these images, are endless... For a long while I was toying with the idea of doing something similar to the image above, but that was way back when I thought 8 cameras would take 5 weeks to travel around the world and id be able to do that 3 or 4 times in a year... 10 months later and I'm still waiting for the last of the originals to be posted back so the idea of sending out more to achieve the above just isn't realistic... unless of course I'm happy to wait 5 years to exhibit the aforementioned images... plus Its been done.. time to think outside of the proverbial square...

I don't want to see these images at their normal 5x7 size... this project was too big in ambition to exhibit on such a small scale... so now I'm thinking big... big canvases, vast white wall spaces, 1 massive installation, a rainbow of disposable lomo images suspended in time.... I wonder how it will all turn out....

I also need to figure out how to incorporate each cameras journey into the exhibition, almost 100 strangers came together to create this collection of images from around the globe and id be heart sick to think that gets lost in translation somewhere along the lines!

Seen any amazing photographic exhibitions lately? Id love some inspiration, post links below.


  1. I don't have any links but when thinking about how you could possibly exhibit this project I can't stop thinking about flight paths. I'm imagining one central point in a huge white room that would represent you, or the starting point for each of these cameras, and then the images arcing off from here in whatever direction they literally went in the world. Some of the paths would intersect, and some would probably go off on their own tangent.
    I guess I'm thinking the space would be a hidden map of the world.

    Just an idea.