Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hey You Global Project nears its end

Well its been 10 long months since I posted 8 disposable lomo cameras around the world to 100 perfect strangers... a few got lost, most made it home and the yellow camera... the last of the weary travellers is on its way to the second last person on a list of 12, the lovely and talented Ryan Tatar... once he has taken his two photos and passed it onto the last person on the list it is officially on its way back to Australia! Woohoo!

Each camera was assigned a color and 12 strangers. Each random individual had to take two photos of something predominately that color before passing it on to the stranger below them on the list... the cameras were meant to take approx 5 weeks (3 days p/person) before returning home... but that was a plan for a perfect world and we don't live in a perfect world - hence my excitement that almost a year since the cameras were posted its almost time to get them all developed and see what beautiful treasures they hold... stay tuned people....

Oh and to find out more about this project and others ive been working on click here

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