Thursday, June 24, 2010


I went and saw Cat Stevens in concert on Monday night, it was his first time in Australia in 36 years and he was a truly amazing musician and story teller who delivered a unforgettable, entertaining and funny show... I almost didn't make the show due to a minor disagreement with a Stanley Knife and a rather large loss of blood - but that's another story I'll tell another time, for now here is a picture to tie you over....


  1. Hello doll! I just found today a couple of polaroid camera's at work and was researching them a bit when I came across your blog. I am happy there is someone out there that is as appreciative for these little treasures as me! Thank you for your thoughts and words, I posted a little blurb about you in my blog too and linked it hope you don't mind!

    Love Lalo

  2. awww thanks lalo :)you are a doll! looking fwd to seeing the results of your new finds, what kind of polaroids did you happen accross?