Thursday, June 17, 2010

Its not so easy being green...

Well its not! Its easy to cop out, its easy to be lazy... it takes thought and effort and deviation from your standard routine.... And a great place to start this deviation is here at Rapanui, a eco-fashion company from the Isle of Wight.

Hows about this.... Instead of driving down the local shops (Hello Co2 emissions) and purchasing a bleached cotton blend run of the mill T shirt (that is sure to be bought home in a plastic bag) log onto Rapanui where you can be kind to the world that we live (and save yourself some petrol money) buy purchasing a item of clothing made from natural organic fabrics in a Fairwear Foundation audited, wind powered factory. Impressed? I sure was... but wait till you read the next paragraph... it will blow your mind!

You see the super cool, undeniably rad, completely wonderful thing about Rapanui is they make it easier for people to see where clothing comes from and how it is made so you can make informed choices. They call it traceability.

Rapanui takes a total life cycle approach to their product's human, environmental and climatic impact, and address each aspect. This is not a clothing company ticking the green box. This is a company aiming to change the entire fashion industry. Rapanui uses Certified Organic fabrics, Fair-Trade labour and Renewable Energy.

I know I know! Again with the post that has nothing to do with photography, but if it wasn't for dudes like Rapanui founders Rob & Mart we wouldn't have much of a beautiful world to take photos of would we! To find out more click here

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