Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm back in the habbit

I was so excited my blog had such a HUGE month in August with so many new and lovely visitors and a plethora of interesting photographic related oddities to muse over... Then September 10 rolled around and I jumped a plane to Asia and spent 4 weeks hiking through mountains in far north vietnam and exploring ancient temples in cambodia with rarely a computer in site (not that im complainging - life, my friend was good)

I just got back and I fear if i dont start blooging again write away - I never will. And whats the first thing i want to blog about? FILM!

Film film and more film, I was traveling with my Pentax MZ-50, a LOMO, Polaroid 600 Job Pro and a canon G9 digital. A 4GB memory card, 13 rolls of 36 exposures and 9 packs of Polaroid film later and I'm home.

The trip itself was amazing... I wont go into detail until I get my rolls of film developed but in the mean time check out this story on Hanoi, Viet Nam located here at the lomography website.

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